Flotators [UF]

Flotators or the flotation units of the VODATECH company operate on the principle of flotation. Flotation is a physical process in which, unlike the sedimentation, there is a lifting of solid, in water suspended particles by fine air bubbles to the surface. On the surface gradually forms a compact layer of compacted sludge that is wiped.


Flotátory Flotation Flotation unit

Flotators UF device is intended primarily for pre-treatment of concentrated food industry wastewater. With outstanding results is operated in meat factories, slaughterhouses, poultry plants, dairies and other productions of the food industry and in other industries such as paper and plastic recycling, or in oily municipal wastewater.

Flotation significantly reduces mainly extractable contamination (fats), also important are indicators of organic pollution reduction BOD5 and COD. Flotator is usually preceded by a rotary screen as the first stage of treatment (removes from the water flowing into the flotator coarse, insoluble impurities - such as parts of bones, skin, bristles, glass, paper, etc.).

Another application of flotation is in thickening of excess sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants, which is called DAFT (Dissolved Air Flotation Thickening). Without dosage of flocculant is a sludge with input concentrations 0.6-1% concentrated by flotation to 4-5%.

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