As the rotary screen is used for continuous separation of solid pollution in waste water but with reversed principle.

Separator Separator Separators Separators

Polluated water is transported by a pump or flows by its own gravitation into the rotatingdrum screen. The water flows through the
slots of the screen and falls into the outlet tank, then through the pipe out of the drum screen (into the sump,sewerage). Impurities exceeding the opening size of the slot remain on the internal surface of the screen and by the rotation of the screen they are convoyed by the screw to the open side of the screen .The screenings slide down and fall into a container or onto a conveyor.

Drum screen is used especially in different branches of the food-processing industry as are meat-processing factories, slaughterhouses, canning factories etc. It is especially used for the separation of heavy particles (grid, metals, glass) or sticking particles (paper, plastic)

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Separation Separation Separation

It has the same construction as the drum screen S, only the rotating drum is made from perfored sheets with round holes 1,6 - 3mm accordingly the needed filtation. This type is especially used for the separation of fiberous pollution, usually it is installed as protection of Membrane process for removal of hairs from the waste water.

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