Screw conveyors (SD) and screw presses (SL)

Screw conveyors SD series are devices used primarily to transport the screenings from rotary screens or separators in wastewater treatment plants. It is also possible (after consultation with the manufacturer), to use the screw conveyor for transport of various materials.

It is used mainly in waste water treatment plants in food industry, municipal watewater screenings, paper and pulp industry, brewery waste etc. The screenings fall through the feeder into the rotating screw. The screw rotating the rough is assured by the electrical gear box. The screenings move through the screw from the feeder to the outlet from the screw. The screw conveyor can be inclined up to the angle of 30°.

Screw press Screw press Screw presses Screw presses

Screw presses SL are used for dewatering of the screenings from rotary screen or separator.

By the screw press the screenings move through the screw and are pressed into the slotted screen. A thrust plate at the end of the screen exerts counter-pressure needed to compact the screenings and dewater them as much as possible. While the thrust plate resistance is broken, the dewatered screenings fall into a container.The water from screening goes out from the compacting area.

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